Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY on the Fly: Easy Fixes for Household Problems

Everyone's got problems. It's a fact of life. Some problems are big, others are small, and when they are all put together they could drive you plum crazy. Fixing some of those annoying little things that have been irritating you might just take the edge off. Maybe you've heard of some of the household fixes maybe you haven't. But I swear by every one of them.

Stinky fridge: Put a small bowl of dry coffee grounds in the back of the refrigerator and it will neutralize that pesky mystery smell.

Clumpy salt shaker: Add a tablespoon of rice to the shaker. The rice will absorb excess moisture, making for smooth shaking.

Dirty dishwasher leaving spots: Add a packet of lemonade koolaid (no sugar) to the detergent cup and run an empty cycle. (No dishes.) This will remove buildup and fend off those spots for a while.

Stubborn zippers: Rub the zipper teeth with a bar of soap or a candle. It will allow the zipper to glide.

Scuffs on White sneakers or shoes: Rub of scuffs with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

Small Bleach Spots: Find a matching color prismacolor marker (the come in every color). Dab the spot with the marker let set at least 5 minutes. Launder item. Repeat it necessary.

Musty Vintage Books: Slip a few used dryer sheets between the pages. Leave in for a week.

Small scratches and nicks on wood: Matching wood markers rubbed onto the scratch and then buffed with a cloth. Matching crayons, heat up the scratch with a blow dryer on low, rub the scratch with matching crayon and buff with a cloth.

Bored, whiny children: According to this advertisement, this pesky problem can be solved with a couple of paper bags.

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