Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Small Appliance Saves Big Bucks!

I have recently fallen in LOVE with Crock Pot cooking. There are just so many reasons why using a slow cooker is great for me. The first thing that caught my attention, of course, is how economic it is. On a low setting a Crock Pot runs at about 75 Watts per hour. That costs me less than 7 cents an hour!!! "Holy Crap", I thought. So I brought my old crock-pot, (which I had cleverly obtained for the smart price of one dollar at a tag sale) down from its lonely perch above my cabinets. I made room on the counter top for it, giving it a special place among my "go-to" appliances.

I am delighted to say that since I have started using the Crock Pot, it has opened up a world of convenience for me. For starters, I can begin dinner in the Crock Pot at 12:00 am! Perfect, because my daughter is taking her nap and my son is away at pre-school. No kids to bother me while I cook! Sweet relief! Another wonderful thing is that I use so few dishes while preparing a Crock Pot meal. Everything goes right into the Pot, eliminating the need to dirty multiple pots and pans. I have less dishes to wash, which means less time in the kitchen, freeing up a hefty portion of precious nap time.

The Crock Pot also allows me to use up all my odd ball ingredients. I can save leftover veggies, cheeses, and other tidbits from the week's meals, and combine them into delicious Crock Pot creations! I can also put a new spin on lower grade cuts of meat using the Crock Pot. These cuts may be chewy when cooked regularly, but when slow cooked in the Crock Pot they come out tender and delicious.

So I say to everyone, "break out your Crock Pots!!" They are just fantastic. There are so many dishes you can make, so it really is for everyone. There are side dishes, appetizers, soups, even desserts! I've found a treasure trove of Crock Pot Recipes here, on Check it out, and let us know your favorite Crock Pot recipes by sharing them with us in the comments below!

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